Need better performance out of your SQL Server and database-driven applications?  Not sure your backups are configured properly?  Looking for better ways to tap into the data in your SQL Server databases?  Or maybe you need to make sure your mission-critical SQL Server databases are redundant and fault-tolerant, so they’re accessible 24/7/365.  No matter what your SQL Server needs are, Carper Technology Services has the expertise and experience to help you get your SQL Server in tip-top shape.  Call now for a free consultation, or read more about specific services below.

Microsoft SQL Server is a very powerful Relational Database Management System, but Microsoft has done a good job of taking this powerful, complex system, and making it user-friendly enough that even SQL Server novices can install it.  Just because you can, though, doesn’t mean you should.  From server sizing, to authentication methods, to licensing and choosing the right SQL Server edition, there are a lot of “gotchas” that can happen during a SQL Server installation, and once you’ve installed SQL Server and started using it, most of them are a lot harder to fix later than if you’d have just gotten them right from the start.  That’s where your friends at Carper Technology Services come in–we have SQL Server experts on-staff who have been working with Microsoft SQL Server since version 7.0 (released in 1998), and know SQL Server like the backs of their hands.  We’ve already learned the gotcha and ins-and-outs of SQL Server, so you don’t have to.

Trying to migrate one or more applications from Microsoft Access, Sybase, MySQL, Oracle, or another Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) to Microsoft SQL Server?  Let the enterprise software and database experts at Carper Technology Services use their expertise to plan and execute your migration carefully and skillfully.

Need help with SQL Server queries, views, triggers, stored procedures, user-defined functions, or CLR functions?  Carper Technology Services is here to help.

Are your database-driven software applications housed on SQL Server not performing up-to-par?  Let us perform a performance assessment of your SQL Server, and find and correct the source of the problem for you.

Not sure how to properly make sure your SQL Server databases are backed up and protected against failure?  Let us help you design a backup strategy that works for your business, and the resources you have on-hand.

Have one or more SQL Server databases that are mission-critical, and need to be able to survive a failure or disaster?  Using SQL Server backups, failover clustering, log-shipping, database mirroring, AlwaysOn Availability Groups, or any combination thereof, we will design a mission-critical SQL Server environment that meets your business’s stringent uptime demands.

Whether your business is subject to HIPAA, PCI, or Sarbanes-Oxley, or you just want to protect your business and its customers, you probably recognize that, if your SQL Server database houses confidential or proprietary information, it could be a target for data crimes.  Don’t wait until it’s too late–let Carper Technology Services perform a security audit of your SQL Server(s), to identify vulnerabilities in your SQL Servers, and get them corrected promptly.