We Have Extensive Experience in the Mortgage Industry

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When you’re looking for a consulting firm to help you with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other enterprise software needs, you know that working with an experienced, knowledgeable firm who understands your industry is a smart move for many reasons.  Carper Technology Services has extensive experience working with clients in the Mortgage industry, so we speak your lingo.  When you tell us “we need to get our borrower data from our CRM to our LOS,” or “we want to automate our appraisal ordering process,” we know exactly what you mean, and we’re ready to hit the ground running.  Below are just a few of the services we’ve performed for our clients in the Mortgage industry:

  • Customizing and extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM for needs and business processes specific to the Mortgage Industry.  Customizations included Mortgage Industry-specific entities, forms, views, workflows, and reports.
  • Creating IIS .NET Web Services and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Packages to import leads and mortgage inquiries into Microsoft Dynamics CRM in real-time, from the following systems:
    • Zillow
    • LendingTree
    • Mortgage Professor
    • Mortgagebot (D+H)
    • Website Contact Us pages
  • Creating lead load-balancing systems that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and allow leads and/or loan inquiries to be balanced across Loan Officers based on various factors, such as Loan Officer schedule, the states each Loan Officer is licensed in, and the type/classification of the lead.
  • Automating Ellie Mae Encompass using the Encompass API
  • Automating appraisal ordering using the FNC CMS (Collateral Management System) API
  • Using Microsoft Exchange Web Services to check an Exchange mailbox for specific types of emails (such as emailed leads/loan inquiries), extract lead/loan inquiry data from those emails, and then import leads/loan inquiries into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.